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Same-Day MTC Delivery

Post Mart is the premier delivery service to the Missionary Training Center in Provo.  We have been delivering daily since 1994 and have delivered hundreds of thousands of letters and packages. 



Orem Post Mart    105 S State Street, Orem            Mon - Fri 2:30 pm      Cost is $4 - $5

Provo Post Mart    2279 N Univ. Pkwy, Provo           Mon - Fri 3:00 pm      Cost is $4 - $5


If you would like packages to be delivered on Saturday, we can make a "Special Delivery" to the MTC Front Desk at 5:00 from our Provo Store only.  The cost for the "Special Delivery" is $10.  (The MTC mailroom is closed on Saturdays, but the Front Desk is always open and they will message the missionary that it is there. So the missionaries usually will receive notice that the package is there around 5:30 to 6.)


Please have your package(s) ready and in the store by those times for same-day delivery.


Our MTC package delivery fee is $4.00 for a combined weight of up to 10 lbs, $5.00 for up to 40 lbs and $10.00 for over 40 lbs.  Letters are delivered for free.  Please keep packages under 40 lbs and smaller than a large suitcase.  The number of packages do not affect the price--just the combined weight.  


We carefully deliver your care packages to the MTC mailroom shortly after the times listed above. Missionaries usually check their mailboxes at lunch and dinner time so they typically get the letters and packages the same day that we deliver them.  There are a few missionaries that do not check their mail in the evenings - so even though the package is there at the MTC mailroom, they don't get it until the following day when they check their mailbox. 

The MTC does not allow perishible food items! Food that would require refrigeration to remain edible if left out for 24 hours should not be sent.  Examples of this are pizza, hamburgers, tacos, sushi, and other items with meats, cheeses or dairy products.  If you are not sure about some items you are sending, please call us at (801) 373-5900.

Some of the more popular items we take to the MTC include: Krispy Kreme donuts, cookies, brownies, breads, rice crispy treats, cinnamon rolls, chips & salsa, soda pop, and microwave popcorn.  But you can bring in anything the missionary might like--as long as it doesn't require refrigeration.

Please bring everything ready and on time!  Since we have to arrive at the MTC in time for the mailroom staff to sort and get notices in the missionary's mailboxes, we cannot wait for you if you are running late! If you miss our cut off time, you may still leave your packages with us and we will take it up with our next delivery. 


MTC Reverse Package Service

In addition to delivering packages to the MTC, we also have a service that Missionaries at the MTC can leave packages at the mailroom for us to pick up and bring to our Provo Store for their friends or relatives to pick up.  Missionaries fill out a sticker with their name, and also the name, address and phone number of the friend or relative they want to have come and pick up the package.  That evening, we call the friends and relatives to let them know we have a package from their missionary and encourage them to come to our store and pick it up.  This is a free service for the Missionaries and is free to the friends and relatives as long as the package is picked up within 2 business days.  After 2 days, we have a $4.00 storage fee that is paid for by the receiver.

Provo Store Address:  2279 N. University Pkwy, Provo (By Walmart Neighborhood Market Next to Wing Stop)

Orem Store Address:  105 S State Street, Orem (Between Smith's and Seagull Book)

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For more information, call us at 801.373.5900 or send us a message by clicking the button below.

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