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Same-Day MTC Delivery


Daily MTC Delivery

Post Mart is the premier delivery service to the Missionary Training Center in Provo.  We have been delivering daily since 1994 and have delivered hundreds of thousands of letters and packages. 


Orem Post Mart    Monday - Friday 3:00 pm      Saturday 10:00 am

Provo Post Mart    Monday - Friday 3:30 pm      Saturday 10:30 am

We charge $3.00 per missionary per day.  This means you are not charged more if you want to send more than one package to your missionary on the same day.  We just ask that you keep the packages under 40 lbs.  Letters are free to the MTC - No stamp required!

If you want to save money, you can print a coupon for $1.00 off your next MTC delivery.  Just click on the Home button to go to our Home Page and then click on the Store Coupon button on the left hand column and print the coupon.

We carefully deliver your packages to the mailroom at the MTC before the first missionaries are released to their dinner meal (or lunch meal on Saturdays.)  That is the time the missionaries usually pick up their mail and packages.  There are a few missionaries that do not check their mail in the evenings - so even though the package is there, they don't get it until the following day when they check their mailbox.  Because of this, we are not allowed to take up perishible food.   

The MTC does not allow perishible food items.   Food that would require refridgeration to remain edible if left out for 24 hours should not be sent.  Examples of this are pizza, hamburgers, tacos, sushi, and other items with meats, cheeses or dairy products.  If you are not sure about some items you are sending, please call us at (801) 373-5900.

Some of the more popular things that we take up to the MTC include Krispy Kreme donuts, cookies, brownies, breads, rice crispy treats, cinnamon rolls, chips & salsa, soda pop, and popcorn.

MTC Reverse Package Service

In addition to delivering packages to the MTC, we also have a service that Missionaries at the MTC can leave packages at the mailroom for us to pick up and bring to our Provo Store for their friends or relatives to pick up.  Missionaries fill out a sticker with their name, and also the name, address and phone number of the friend or relative they want to have come and pick up the package.  That evening, we call the friends and relatives to let them know we have a package from their missionary and encourage them to come to our store and pick it up.  This is a free service for the Missionaries and is free to the friends and relatives as long as the package is picked up within 2 business days.  After 2 days, we have a $2.00 storage fee that is paid for by the receiver.

If you have any questions about MTC Delivery and/or MTC Return Service, please give us a call at (801) 373-5900.





Post Mart Provo - 2250 N. University Pkwy , #48, Provo, UT 84604 - (801) 373-5900
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